Get to Know Us

Tommy Pantone (Lead Singer)

As the lead singer of the Nitetones, Tommy has been performing with the band since its origin in 1993. As exemplified by the variety music the band plays, Tommy’s interest are as vast as the types of music the Nitetones perform. A self-proclaimed Elvis Presley nut, Tommy describes his style as that of an old style crooner as a singer that can take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions with each and every song. “I like to perform as though each member of the audience thinks I am singing to them and them only”. Now leading the 4th version of the band, Tommy’s goal is to maintain a sense of the old Nitetones while ushering in a wave of newness towards the expanded styles of music they are now performing.

Jeff Kirchner (Lead Guitar)

Jeff Kirchner started out playing lead guitar in a high a school band in 1980 called Spectre. They played the standard rock tunes of that era like Led Zepplin, Rush, Triumph, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden and bands such as those. Spectre played local teenage hot spots and some bars for a few years and then Jeff moved on to join JC Thomson Band as lead guitarist in 1983 and switched gears to top 40 country mixed with some rock and blues. JC Thomson Band went strong for many years until 1998 and won numerous band and individual awards through out that time including best country lead guitarist several years in a row. JC Thompson Band had opened up the show for about 20+ national county bands. Jeff then joined an early version of the Nitetones in 1998 and played with them for several years performing high energy 50’s music through 90’s. The best of all decades. Mid 2000’s Jeff started an all original gospel group with a former member of the JC Thompson Band Rob Palaszewski (known as ZEW) called The Jesus Band. They still perform to this day occasionally. Jeff is also is an active member of Resurrection Life Fellowship church in Cheektowaga and plays on the worship team there and has played many events with the Chapel at Crosspoint and the Kingdom Bound festival at Darien lake. Jeff will always enjoy performing live and recording for many years to come and just loves making music for everyone’s enjoyment.

Steve Lewandowski Jr.  (JR)

Our great rookie doesn’t have a fairy tale movie story about how he became a musician.  He had been forced to learn an instrument twice as a child, and both times hated it.  For the first 15 years of his life, he thought what would become his greatest passion, just wasn’t his thing.  It wasn’t until he discovered music, that he actually loved, that he got a curiousity towards playing music and he dug up his dusty guitar and started “messing around” with it.  The reason why he switched instruments is simple, his friend was starting a band that already had two guitarists and no drummer or bass player.  This began his journey with the bass as it sparked his passion and created a new outlook on music, for JR,  as a musician.

During JRs tenure of playing bass he has performed in a variety of venues such as school functions and occasionally guest appearing during shows with his dad’s bands.  He is excited to get a consistent stream of gigs and gain some real performing experience with The Nitetones.

Steve Lewandowski Sr (Keyboards/ Vocals)

Steve has enjoyed a long musical career over the past 30 years playing many types of music with a variety of bands. However he has enjoyed the most creative part of his career with the Nitetones. At an early age Steve, as a child prodigy, began his career on the morning show Rocketship Seven. Into his teens he experimented with his blue grass roots where he began to play the banjo. From there he explored the full expression of music by playing classical banjo. As his tastes changed, he self taught himself on keyboards where he enjoys his success today with the Nitetones.

Paul Siwula (Drummer)

A great free agent signing, Paul is a well established professional drummer who has played with many of Buffalo’s best musicians and bands for the last 35 years.  His musical training, approach and experience provide him with the skills to play many different styles of music at a high level making him a perfect fit for The Nitetones large musical catalog.

Sal Graci (Guitar, vocals)

Our newest member Sal started playing guitar at age 17. After struggling for three months trying to play right-handed, he finally, (and painfully), embraced being a true “southpaw”. Inspired by The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, and David Gilmour; Sal journeyed through many bands playing rhythm guitar, lead guitar, and singing for the last 25+ years. Sal has played classic rock, blues, soft rock, and really enjoys his new direction as a member of The Nitetones. He also has an acoustic project called “Just
Friends” he performs with in his spare time.